The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

I can say that I am a pretty big fan of the Neocore Games and for this reason this game – The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing – was for me a pretty good surprise. The producers have created this game as a tribute to the novel and movie. Even though the novel isn’t on my favorite list of books, I can say that the Neocore Games producers have manage to do a pretty good game despite the fact is a little “gothic-noir steampunk action- RPG” as some gaming critics stated.

Like the name says, Van Helsing is the main character of the game, but not the character that we all know, his son. Called by his father, Van Helsing starts a journey to the Borgovia Kingdom to prevent a disaster being planned by an evil genius. In fact the producers of the game have mixed the new with the old, the have mixed elements from the novel and movies, but the action takes place in the XIX century in East Europe.

Lady Katarina is an important character of the game, she is constantly with the main character. She is actually a saved ghost by Van Helsing – the father. Lady Katarina is an awesome character and she fits well in the game having a pretty strong role and also always having sarcastic lines for Van Helsing who is mostly set up on destruction to increase his reputation and he cries like a modern princess.

To be a little critical, the story in the game is not so well developed, but is not so bad either: you have an alternative world from Ink, a world which accessible from all kind of portals, filled up with many monsters, but also with many rewards. Mane levels have secondary quests that hide all kind of puzzles that you will have to figure out by yourself. You may find yourself in the situation to find a couple of magic rocks at some point, but you will don’t find any use for them until the middle of the game. This thing I find to be pretty interesting, they let you create your own strategies and not push you into one direction. I for one like to create my own strategies since I am also an online casino player. After the long process to find good online casinos, I have discovered that some games require more strategy than regular action games. I have found also a list with recommended online casinos to play, and there I could find the best games. In many cases I found online gambling is fun, funnier than playing regular games.

The gameplay can be compared with the Tower Defense style in which you will have to defend your secret spot by the many, many monsters that come from the portals. But you are able to set up traps for them and in your help the producers have created a special screen to be able to monitor better.

The world and the dialogs are pretty specific to the classic action RPG games. You will have level growing, skills, perks. It’s pretty easy to level up and to gather experience.

Some players have stated that the interface of the game is a little too more or some design options can be a little weird, but from my personal point of view you can get used with it pretty fast mostly because there are many shortcuts that you can use from your keyboard, shortcuts that are common and used in many other games. But, let’s face it – you will have to stop the monsters that attack, you will not have time to analyze the interface.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is not the best game of the Neocore games, but it’s not the worst. You can have a really good time in a world of new and old and taking into account its price, it’s a pretty good deal for an adventure.


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